Farther Down the Rabbit Hole
Hello and Welcome.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I've been given many titles, but you may refer to me as Jinyoung. If you don't like the sound of that, perhaps you can be responsible for giving me my next alias.

Would you care for some tea? Come and chat with me a while. And if you find yourself drifting off into slumber, don't be alarmed, I'll see to it you are taken care of properly.

-+Demonic Dream Shifter+-


~roleplay only~
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Dreams United


  Cody took a seat across from Jinyoung, propping his head against his arm. 

“Well, let’s see…what did I find? I found security. It was the year I realized that I was strong and that I have wonderful friends. It was like finding life after a terrible natural disaster.” He nodded as he reached over to his cup of tea, taking a small sip, wincing at the heat. 

“It might not be much, but to me it’s an important memory. It was where I was able to experience a lot in just that one year.”

Jinyoung reviewed what he had gathered about Prince Yang’s personality and drive from both the information received from a third party as well as what he had picked up on himself. 

"Did such findings of security stem from the effects of your, "Power Source", would you say? Moreover, was such discovery of security brought in to cover the empty void of a lack of the feeling, or was it traded in for feelings of insecurity?" 

The demon weighed several possibilities to form the next question.

"When you found this, senior year Cody, do you believe you truly found him, or did you find a creation molded from the people around him? As for not being much, should it constitute as the start of your journey, I entrust this is an experience of great value." 

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Dreams United


Cody tapped his chin. Where is a good place to start?…Maybe my senior year of high school? I believe I was 17 years old at the time.

He finally stated his answer. “I want to start in my senior year. It was a time where I found myself. The year before was utter chaos which almost destroyed me. So, I’d like to start in a place where I was happy and stable, if that makes sense. They always say that a strong beginning is important.” He nodded. 

“Would that work with you, Jinyoung? He added, tilting his head.

The dream-shifter nodded as the hands on the clock reversed. 

"The Prince was lost, but gained the capability of finding himself. For that, I am already impressed. You would be quite devastated carrying the knowledge of how many souls remain besides themselves with the inability to see their being."

Jinyoung placed his cup of tea down, the white heat barely emitting from the top of the liquid creating a momentary haze across his face in the process.

"We wish to start where the foundation is strong, in order to backtrack to the weaker moments tucked away in the past. Tell me, Prince Yang, what did you find, when you found Cody?"    

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Dreams United


“So you’re telling me…we can start anywhere I want?” Cody asked the fox faced male. 

He tilted his head. Such freedom was nice, but also baffling at the same time. how could one pick from the millions of memories? 

“Before I pick, I’d like to ask, would the ending outcome differ depending on where we start? Or do they all lead to the same place?” 

"The only way to start is in a place you chose to leave from."

Jinyoung smiled inwardly as the reflection upon his life was evident on the Prince’s face. How many thoughts has the young man formed and stumbled upon during his time of existence~

"Venture onward, and you shall see.
Either way, should you reach the end, it will only be your beginning.”

What type of path will be constructed for me to follow with this one?

He allowed himself to be momentarily swept up in the infinity that is possibility as he awaited a reply. 

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